February 10, 2022 | 3 min read

Customer Spotlight: Dina Callea from SPARC Group

Dina Callea is using Amperity at SPARC Group to deliver customer-centric messaging.

Amplifiers Spotlight: Dina Callea from SPARC

It’s time for another customer spotlight! We love learning about our Amperity users and the cool things they do with data.

Dina in five: 

  • Senior Manager of Digital Marketing Operations and BI at SPARC Group

  • Seasoned leader with years of experience working within the apparel and fashion industry

  • Uses customer data to deliver relevant customer-centric messaging across SPARC brands, including Aeropostale, Nautica, and Lucky Brand

  • Loves using Amperity’s Visual Segments Editor to build segments

  • Is a kitchen wizard and loves trying out new culinary tools

What are you responsible for as the Senior Manager of Digital Marketing Operations & BI at SPARC Group?

As the Senior Manager of Digital Marketing Operations & BI @ SPARC Group, I directly support Aeropostale, Nautica & Lucky Brand’s use of Amperity to provide a single source of truth for customer data and insights. 

What teams do you work with or support most? What does this entail?

I work mainly with my ecommerce cross-functional partners within the Digital Marketing, Merchandising, and Digital Operation teams.

How has your use of Amperity changed the way you get work done?

We have been able to access customer data with speed, agility, and accuracy since implementing Amperity. It has provided us with a tool to centralize all our disparate customer data sources. Before Amperity, teams were forced to access multiple sources before they could reach a customer’s transactional and behavioral data. Being able to access this data in one central location now frees up more time for more data discovery, testing, audience building, and use case activations.

How is Amperity data used across your multi-brand organization?

Amperity has provided us with a 360 view of our customers. We are able to use this to create customer reporting dashboards that help us better understand our customer behavior. This holistic view also allows us to build smarter audiences while having them seamlessly activated into our marketing channels.  

What were you surprised to learn once you had access to your data?

The first look at our customer data revealed that we had a large number of one-time buyers. This insight allowed us to target the issue and opened the door to broader opportunity—  once we’d identified the group, we were able to create programs to turn them into repeat buyers by using more personalized messaging. 

What’s the coolest thing you’ve been able to do with data?

Creating the Customer Reporting Dashboards has to be one of the coolest things we have done so far with our data. We established a set of customer KPIs and created a reporting framework within Tableau that could be easily implemented across all SPARC brands. The dashboard is interactive and allows us to view current customer KPIs, as well as trends over time. Using a similar reporting framework has allowed us to share insights across the brands easily. 

What is your favorite feature or capability in Amperity and what do you use it for?

Amperity’s Visual Segment Editor is by far my favorite feature of their platform. It allows you to build segments on the fly, no SQL needed! When you find yourself wondering how many customers might fit a particular segment criteria, Amperity’s VSE becomes your best friend. 

What sort of things are you doing with the segments you are running?

We are building segments within Amperity to use in our paid digital media campaigns as well as our email channel. These segments are built using common RFM (recency, frequency, monetary value) attributes, and predictive attributes to build more robust segments. The flexibility of the platform allows us to activate audiences directly, but also to simply push attributes to partners for use within their platforms. This allows for more agile audience building as well as increased use of the platform.  

What’s next? 

This partnership is still relatively young, so there’s still lots to be done! We are looking to bring in additional data sources that will help us get a customer-centric view of our digital marketing channels, as well as tap into some behavioral data that was previously inaccessible to us. We’re excited to see what other opportunities this year brings! 

Tell us about a hobby or something you like to do outside of work.

I love to cook and I am obsessed with new kitchen gadgets!

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