September 30, 2020 | 4 min read

Customer Spotlight: Danielle Iserlis from Vince

Learn about how Vince's Email Marketing Manager uses Amperity to make her more effective

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Our customers tackle customer data with pizazz and panache. We love working with them, and we love shouting them out for the great work they do.

Danielle in four:

  • Danielle is the Email Marketing Manager at apparel brand Vince.

  • Since starting at Vince in February, Danielle has jumped head-first into AmpIQ (formerly Custora) to build and deploy segments to Listrak for a variety of marketing initiatives.

  • During COVID-19, Danielle used Amperity’s predictive CLV, Discount Sensitivity, and Affinity models to reach the optimal segments of customers with promotional messaging, showing great results.

  • Danielle grew up in Singapore and played piano at numerous schools and recitals, and eventually found a passion in putting together charity concerts for a variety of organizations there.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve been able to do with direct access to Vince data in AmpIQ?

Things changed so rapidly this year, and because of that we were most interested in looking at how our customers have changed the way they interact with the brand during COVID-19. I was focused on a couple areas including reactivation and acquisition of old and new customers, migration of price point and discount shopping, and impact around how the campaigns we launched during this period affected purchase behavior. Being able to build out a revenue tree to evaluate e-commerce purchase behavior was probably the most useful (and coolest!) way to look at all of these points. It also gave us a chance to dive deeper into planning promotions for the remainder of the year, and learning who the ideal target groups would be for the upcoming Holiday promotions.

Having used a number of predictive segments available in AmpIQ, which do you feel has been most impactful on your email marketing strategy?

Being able to pull customer segments and leverage predictive CLV, discount sensitivity, and affinity models have been a major benefit to our segmentation strategy for email marketing. The usability of the program, from data extraction to audience and campaign building, has not just made it easy to pull customer lists and transfer them to our ESP, but has also been a huge plus across multiple channels to create and analyze various data points. I’d say that the most impactful resource I’ve found is the discount sensitivity model and being able to truly understand the purchase behavior of our customers over the last few months.

What’s next? Are there certain models would you like to test that you haven’t had the chance to yet?

Plenty! Given that I haven’t had too much experience in CRM platforms until a couple weeks after starting at Vince (3 weeks before the work-from-home order!), I still have a lot to play around with in the platform and I welcome testing as much as possible over the next couple of months. One of the most interesting things to toggle with will be retaining and reactivating customers after the holiday period. This year has been such an anomaly and with the number of promotions that the retail space has run, it will be a challenge transitioning back to normalcy (hopefully soon!), but definitely one that we’ll be able to address with the help of diversifying communication through using Amperity personas, furthering discount sensitivity models for winback campaigns, maximizing VIP relationships, and of course focusing on exposing the many opportunities AmpIQ has for other areas of the business such as merchandising, planning, digital, and social.

Have you been playing more piano since quarantine?

Yes — It’s always important to find a silver lining in tough situations. This COVID 19 quarantine period has brought me closer to a big passion of mine: playing the piano. While it’s difficult not to browse all the great promotions online, my most valuable purchase of the year (and a birthday present to myself) was buying an upright Kawai piano. My goal for the remainder of this year is to learn George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue – stay tuned for an end of year Zoom performance!

Danielle Iserlis, Email Marketing Manager at Vince, at her piano

Danielle at her new piano

Thanks Danielle!

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