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With 9,000 hotels globally, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts needed easy access to their customer data in order to expand their reach, grow their business, and optimize ad spend. Amperity gave them the unified customer profiles they needed to create segmented audiences and target them with the right messaging— ultimately leading to increased conversion rates and lower acquisition costs. 

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Centralized data, suite results

Annual incremental revenue from newly enrolled members
Digital media budget deployed against Amperity within a month
Decrease in media costs
Increase in conversion rate

The Challenge

Wyndham wanted to expand their loyalty program and drive direct bookings, but lacked a single source of truth for customer records that would allow them to send more targeted communications to do so. The team found that the data management system they had in place didn’t give them the accessibility they needed, and couldn’t produce a reliable golden customer record. Teams lacked the access to the data they needed to guide business decisions and optimize their marketing programs. 

Customer profiles were scattered across disparate systems and any attempt to match and merge that data was done through manual and inaccurate methods. They needed a single accurate view of the customer in order to identify and segment audiences to reach prospects and customers at the right points in their journey and see greater returns. 

The Solution

By bringing their data into Amperity built on AWS, unified customer profiles for both Wyndham’s loyalty and non-loyalty members were created giving their teams a single source of truth for customer insights, and the ability to segment audiences and send targeted messaging to increase bookings and loyalty sign-ups. Information that previously took weeks to access can now be gained in just minutes freeing up time to focus on other key initiatives. 

The insights they uncovered gave them the ability to create more segmented audiences, such as non-loyalty customers, and better target communications both within email and digital media for the first time. Ultimately leading to higher returns on investment, lower acquisition costs, and an increase in loyalty conversions - providing a more personalized experience for customers across the board.

Danielle Harvey, former VP of Customer Intelligence & Media shares how implementing a Customer 360 has returned double-digit results.

“Through our new platform from Amperity, we’re able to have a complete 360 guest view, unlocking new insights that allow us to be timelier, more efficient and more effective in our efforts to engage the everyday traveler.”

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Amplifying Your Paid Media with Unified Customer Profiles: Real-World Success Stories

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Taco Bell, and Citizen panelists share how they’ve used unified first-party data to adapt to new challenges in advertising.

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Upgrading Customer Data

Learn more about how Amperity helps Wyndham Hotels & Resort invest in their digital transformation by delivering 360-degree customer insights— advancing engagement across new consumer channels and elevating global marketing capabilities.

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Insights to Build Long-Term Loyalty 

In this video recording from Skift Global Forum, Jeanne Jones, VP of Community and Customer Marketing at Amperity and Lisa Borromeo Checchio, Chief Marketing Officer at Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, discussed how data plays an integral role in building relationships with loyal members and new customers alike.

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Boosting satisfaction with a unified customer view

This quick read will introduce you to Hui Chen, former Director of Customer Data & Global Sales Analytics at Wyndham Hotels & Resorts who helped define the Customer 360, implement Amperity, and determine attributes for segmentation.

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