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Servco needed a complete view of their customers and their households to stand out in the hyper-competitive automotive retail space. They worked with Amperity to build accurate Customer 360s and place the customer at the center of every business decision. 

When Servco Australia wanted to connect data from different legacy systems to access powerful business insights, Amperity used learnings from the Servco partnership to unlock the power of their data and increase time to value. 

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Engaged customers, speedy results

Faster delivery of marketing segments
Above industry average open rates
Above industry average click-through rates
Conversion rates on generated leads

The challenge

Servco didn’t have an accurate or complete view of their customers or the households that had purchased vehicles. This made it difficult for their teams to build plans for growth, measure the impact of their marketing efforts, and provide customers with a seamless omnichannel experience.

Critical data was siloed across different areas of the business from car manufacturers, parts dealers, auto dealerships, and regional marketing networks. They needed unified data and a Customer 360 to drive better business results.

The solution

Amperity’s leading customer data and identity platform provides the foundation that enables Servco to place their customer at the center of all operations, enhancing customer experience and driving incremental revenue. The 360-degree view of their customer allows the Servco marketing team to activate programs backed by real insights.

The seamless integration between Amperity and its partner Tableau empowers the business intelligence teams at Servco to move even faster. With new dashboards to monitor the purchase path, the entire Servco enterprise now has their finger on the pulse of business and access to metrics that help them go the extra mile.

“Amperity has been a fantastic partner in our digital transformation, by putting a layer above everything, so that we could consistently get at our customer information, make sense of it, and then action it in more meaningful ways that improve customer engagement, overall marketing results, and accelerate our omnichannel growth.”


Expanding US Success to Australia

Kane McHardy, Chief Operations Officer at Servco, breaks down how he’s using learnings from Amperity and Servco’s 2019 partnership in Australia to streamline customer data and unlock deeper insights faster.

The hands behind the wheel

Amperity steps into the passenger seat with Servco’s Director of Data Visualization and Analytics, Tausif Islam, for a behind-the-scenes look at how he uses data to drive digital transformation. 

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Data-driven results

Customer data is the key to powering data-driven growth. In this short clip, Servco’s own Peter Dooher and Tausif Islam team up to share valuable insights and quick wins that they’ve experienced since using Amperity. 

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Racing towards customer-centricity 

Facing a particularly scattered data landscape with important data siloed across the business, it was challenging for Servco to maintain a consistent and seamless customer experience. Through their partnership with Amperity, Servco established a firm foundation for customer data that enables them to reach beyond fragmentation and take control of their relationship with customers — ensuring a new standard of excellence. 

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About Servco

Founded in 1919 as a two-car repair garage on the North Shore of Oahu, Servco Pacific Inc. is Hawaii’s largest private company with operations in the US and Australia. Servco owns a diverse group of automotive businesses including exclusive distributorships of Toyota, Lexus, and Subaru in Hawaii, a network of over 30 retail dealerships in Australia and Hawaii, and Hui Car Share. It is one of the Top 15 largest automotive dealer groups based in the US, the largest Toyota dealer group in Australia, and has been recognized as a 2020 US Best Managed Company and one of the “Best Places to Work in Hawaii” for 17 consecutive years. In addition to its automotive holdings, Servco is an active investor in venture and growth capital. Servco’s largest investment to date is its ownership of the iconic lifestyle brand, Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, the world’s largest electric guitar, bass, and amp company.

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