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SPARC Group's iconic brands including Aéropostale, Brooks Brothers, Eddie Bauer, Forever 21, Lucky Brand, Nautica, and Reebok combined scattered customer data across different systems into a single view so that they could build more sophisticated audiences, leading to stronger acquisition, retention, and ROAS.

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From a spark to a flame

ROAS, using predicted CLV for segmentation

SPARC Group brands now target their highest-value customers in paid channels using Amperity’s predicted CLV model, a tactic intended to improve return on ad spend and to reduce media dollars on low potential shoppers.

The Challenge

Each brand within the SPARC Group portfolio takes a different approach to segmentation, but all brands share the same pain point of relying on manual processes to build first-party audiences and distributing them to media partners at scale. Additionally, the robustness of the customer profiles was limited to the data available in each individual system within the tech stack.

This siloed data prevented the brands from accurately identifying high value customers and made it tough to build a fully comprehensive first-party data activation strategy.

The Solution

With Amperity, brands within the SPARC Group portfolio unlocked the ability to bring data from all systems together — including online and offline data — to create one unified view of the customer, and most importantly, accurately identify high-value customers. Paired with Amperity’s predictive models, SPARC Group brands can now generate more sophisticated audiences using their first-party data that combine all engagement and transactional behaviors to enhance performance. Additionally, directly activating these audiences to media platforms like Meta and Google eliminates the need for any manual process or intervention, freeing up the teams’ time to focus on driving strategy and value. First-party data audiences are then automatically refreshed to assist SPARC Group brands in acquiring and retaining customers through every stage of their journey.

“Amperity uniquely allows us to bring together even more data sources in a single environment so we can build more sophisticated and informed audiences that we test and learn from across our media campaigns.”

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