Case Study

From Transaction to Customers: Finding People in the Data

Graphic depicting insights and analytics: orbs of plus symbols and bar graphs overlapping concentric circles.

Customer data is flowing into and out of enterprise brands from a variety of sources — point of sale, email, loyalty membership, website browsing data, and social media channels. Often there is no shortage of customer data, the problem lies in identifying individual customers and their behaviors in the neverending influx of information.

In this case study, Constellation Research, Vice President and Principal Analyst, L. Nicole France highlights how three brands are using Amperity and the power of AWS to:

  • Improve customer segmentation and uncover previously unknown customer behaviors and patterns

  • More efficiently resolve customers identities across multiple emails and transactions at a factor of 8:1

  • Increase identification of first-time customers by 28% over legacy systems and processes

  • Improved identification of conversion from free trial to paid membership by 3x

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