July 19, 2022 | 3 min read

Customer Spotlight: Alyssa Scanish at Chico's

Alyssa Scanish is using Amperity at Chico's to drive personalized messaging.

Amplifiers Spotlight: Alyssa Scanish, Chico's.

We're back with another edition of Amplifiers Spotlight, where we hear from the people using Amperity about how it lets them work their data magic.

Alyssa in five: 

  • Email and SMS Marketing Manager (White House Black Market) at Chico’s

  • Uses Amperity to drive traffic to their website and increase revenue

  • Just launched a new loyalty program that Amperity data will soon be supporting

  • A huge advocate of customer-centricity

  • Loves running with her friends and family in her free time

What is the scope of your role as Email & SMS Marketing Manager?

I’m responsible for driving traffic and revenue goals through email and SMS marketing channels; one of my main objectives is to consistently drive traffic to the website. I coordinate with different teams to make sure what we’re sending out is aligned with our brand values and goals, and more importantly, that we’re telling the right story. I use Amperity to segment audiences for each channel so that the message we share is relevant and beneficial for the customer. 

What teams do you work with or support and what are the goals and outcomes you are driving?

I work with a variety of teams across the company, including our Creative and Copy teams, Finance, Brand Marketing, and Email Production. I also work with the brand team to ensure the story that we’re sharing is aligned with product to ensure we’re including the right items, and with finance to ensure that our email plans will help us meet targeted revenue and traffic goals. We also pull our own audience segments now, so a big part of my role is making sure that the audience we send to pairs well with the messages we share.  My team also maintains our customer health and monitors deliverability and unsubscribe rates.  

How are you measuring or tracking progress towards these goals? 

We frequently look to see if an email performed well by reviewing affinity segments and checking to see if the personalization we’ve added with dynamic elements such as loyalty status, tier, or points balances, helped drive a customer to the site to increase traffic or revenue. These affinity segments are fueled by Amperity data and help ensure that the dynamic elements we include are personalized based on accurate information, which in return improves the customer's overall shopping experience. 

What does customer-centricity mean to you? 

The customer is everything that we do; everything from buying products that they want to showing those products in a way that is appealing to them. The customer is at the center of every decision that we make.  With data, we can keep track of our customers’ loyalty tiers, point balances, preferences, and favorite store locations so that we can help decide what products to share, when to share them, and through what channel. 

"Since implementing Amperity, I’ve seen a 7% increase in open rates compared to previous targeting efforts"

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What did your work look like prior to Amperity?

Slow. Our process in the past consisted of a meeting every week, three different people to go through, and an outdated system. There was a lot of steps and processes, as well as room for human error. Since using Amperity, we’ve saved hours of time between myself and the stakeholders I partner with. 

What kinds of results have you seen with the work you’ve done with Amperity so far? 

With the Amperity tool, we are able to automate the pulling of data files daily so that we are working off the most up-to-date and relevant data available. With the previous process, files were only pulled weekly so we were always working with old data. Now, we’re able to plug in data in real-time. 

Since implementing Amperity, I’ve seen a 7% increase in open rates compared to previous targeting efforts, though we’re only just getting started. I’m looking forward to measuring the impacts of real-time data in the weeks to come. 

Do you have any examples of activations you’re running with Amperity?  

We have connectors between Amperity and Salesforce, as well as between Amperity and Attentive, our SMS platform, so we’re able to personalize content within channels based on insights such as purchase behavior. 

We are also in the process of adding single-use coupon data to Amperity, which will allow us to easily identify rewards that a customer has available, such as a birthday gift or a welcome discount. Ultimately, all of these insights help to improve our customers' experience

You recently decided to expand your use of Amperity, can you share a bit about what you’re looking forward to next? 

We recently launched our new loyalty program that provides some amazing new benefits for our customers and I’m constantly looking for ways to further enhance their experience. With Amperity, I’m looking forward to continuing to improve process flows by building and automating segments with dynamic fields so that we can provide more personalization within channels to make the buying experience even better for our customers and continue driving our organizational traffic and revenue goals. 

Why is now the right time to enhance your customer data solution?

Customers expect the best experience across all interactions regardless of how they decide to shop. In order to meet their expectations and provide them with the best experience possible, you have to have the right tools in place to be able to do so. We would not be able to reach the customer if we were on an outdated platform that didn't provide up-to-date insights, which is why have to use cutting-edge technology that allows us to stay relevant.  

If you were to describe Amperity in three words, what would they be? 

Easy. Fast. Helpful.

Tell us about a hobby or something you like to do outside of work.

I enjoy running with my friends and family. Here are my siblings and I after a run around Valley Forge National Historical Park.

Alyssa Scanish posing for a selfie with two friends.

Thanks, Alyssa! And to our readers, we'll be back with more Customer Spotlight — in the meantime, check out our previous installments.