March 17, 2022 | 4 min read

Customer Spotlight: Ranajay Nandy at Citizen Watch

Ranajay Nandy is using Amperity at Citizen Watch to make data-driven decisions.

Ranajay at Citizen Watch Co

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Ranajay in five: 

  • Vice President of Analytics at Citizen Watch 

  • Senior leader with years of experience working with data in both B2B and consumer facing retail organizations 

  • Develops the infrastructure that allows stakeholders across the enterprise to access customer insights and make data-driven decisions

  • Uses dashboards powered by Amperity data and Microsoft Power BI to visualize insights 

  • Loves soccer and attended the 2014 World Cup in Brazil

What are you responsible for as the VP of Analytics?

As the VP of Analytics, my primary responsibility is to provide actionable insights to our stakeholders and help them make informed business decisions. My team and I also build the necessary infrastructure to pull those insights from data, and I’m involved in the whole process from data to decisions. 

What teams do you work with or support, and what are some goals or outcomes that you are driving?

I work with cross-functional partners across multiple business functions of Marketing, E-commerce, Sales and Merchandising. My goal is to synergize decisions across the multiple functions using data-driven insights to best serve our customers.

What does customer-centricity mean to you? 

To me, customer-centricity means understanding customers' choices and preferences across multiple interactions. The more we know about our customers, the better we can serve them and provide them with the unique experience that Citizen Watch Group of America can offer.

Why should organizations care about customer-centricity? 

It is extremely important for the organizations to know their customers' behavior and align business processes according to their needs. Customer-centricity helps organizations understand the overall behavior of the consumer, which in turn allows them to effectively personalize each interaction with them. 

"We use first-party data from Amperity to inform our marketing campaigns and use insights to drive higher engagement and traffic flow to our websites. We also use Amperity as our main source of customer intelligence."

Do you use a BI tool for data visualization and dashboards? 

We use Microsoft Power BI to visualize data insights, and a number of our dashboards are powered by Amperity data. Our organization makes assortment, marketing, and sales decisions based on the consumer insights provided by Amperity. E-commerce, Marketing, Merchandising and Sales teams all use this information to drive their decisions when interacting with our customers.

What kinds of results have you seen with the work you’ve done with Amperity so far? 

We direct our marketing campaigns based on consumer segments from Amperity with a lot of success. Amperity also provides product propensity and other consumer intelligence to drive business decisions. 

What initiatives or use cases are you tackling with Amperity? Have you learned anything interesting? 

We are learning more everyday about how much our consumers value our brand and products. We use first-party data from Amperity to inform our marketing campaigns and use insights to drive higher engagement and traffic flow to our websites. We also use Amperity as our main source of customer intelligence to make merchandise and sales decisions, and run multiple test and learn initiatives along the way.

What are you most looking forward to accomplishing now that Amperity is on board? 

There is quite a lot we are looking forward to! To start, centralizing first-party consumer data and enriching consumer profiles with in-house and third-party data. Next, generating efficient marketing interactions with our consumers, and providing a one-stop shop for consumer intelligence across the organization.

If you were to describe Amperity in three words, what would they be? 

Speed, spread, and support.

Tell us about a hobby or something you like to do outside of work.

I am a huge soccer fan. Although I do not play as regularly as I used to, I enjoy watching live soccer games — I went to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, which was a dream come true! 

Ranajay at a soccer game

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