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Brooks Running

With a goal of inspiring everyone to run longer, faster, and farther, Brooks Running has always been focused on the runner, but they needed actionable customer data to fuel their strategy. Amperity gave them a single view of the runner and helped them win the race towards customer-centricity.

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The challenge

Brooks Running always wanted to do everything they could to put the runner first, but lacked the insights needed to bring this to life in a meaningful way. Without a single view of the customer, they struggled to identify runner needs and personalize effectively. 

Data was stuck in silos and often inaccurate, slowing teams down and undermining their confidence in what the data was telling them. They needed a unified view of the runner so that they could put their customer-centric mindset into practice and provide the right products and experiences.

The solution

By positioning Amperity at the center of their tech stack, the Brooks team created a Customer 360 that could be used across the enterprise, unlocking the ability to put their runner-centric mindset into action. By applying Amperity insights to their digital marketing efforts, they were able to create different audience segments, run tests within their marketing communications, and use personalization to put their best foot forward and ensure runners' needs were met. 

Amperity data gave every team, from digital marketing to customer service and operations, the insights and tools needed to position the runner at the center of their strategy, ultimately fueling personalization and accelerating business growth.

“Amperity is crucial to our tech stack. In order for us to have a 360 view of the runner and then use runner data for analytics and marketing segmentation, a CDP is necessary. Our tech stack is always changing, and very dynamic so the ease of plugging in partners is also critical. ”

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Winning the Race towards Business Growth & Customer-Centricity

In this recap from Amplify 2021, hear directly from Melanie Allen, the SVP and Chief Marketing Officer at Brooks Running, as she shares how Amperity helped teams across the organization place the runner at the center of their business operations to accelerate business growth.

Melanie Allen, SVP & Chief Marketing Officer, Brooks Running

A Journey of Growth

In this webinar, Ryan Ngo, Director of Digital Marketing at Brooks takes the stage to discuss how his team is using predictive analytics to streamline processes and personalize messaging across channels to maximize campaign performance. 

Sprinting Towards Success

In this quick read, Brooks shares their top three strategies and approaches for putting customer-centricity into practice and leading the charge towards data-driven growth and transformation. 

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Elevating The Runner Experience

When it comes to customer service, a “one-size fits all” approach just doesn’t cut it, and personalization is key to making an impact. Brooks Running joins Amperity integration partner, Zendesk, to discuss pairing their customer service solution with an enterprise CDP to improve the runner experience. 

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