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Boeing Employees Credit Union

Financial service companies amass huge amounts of data and BECU was no exception. Every swipe of a card was a piece of transactional data they could use to gain a deeper understanding of their members, but they lacked a secure place for their various data sources to live. Amperity unlocked their ability to compile that data, and allowed them to analyze it to gain critical insights into their member base.

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The challenge

BECU had mountains of data at their fingertips, but did not have a central location to aggregate and organize all of it. Without a safe space to store the member data, they weren’t able to analyze it or understand how they could better serve their members and the credit union. 

The mass of data they received daily was organized manually, and by the time BECU had finished sorting it, the data was already outdated. This made it difficult for them to maintain relevance within their member communications. 

The solution

By using the Amperity CDP and creating a Customer 360, they unlocked deeper insights around their member base, for example what products and services they used, how they engaged with the credit union, and what stage they were at in their financial journey. 

By plugging Amperity into their already existing marketing tech stack (Salesforce and Tableau), BECU was able to automate execution processes, freeing up hours of time for their digital marketing and analytics teams. The speed also made sure that member insights were up to date, leading to better personalization within banking communications, and a better member experience overall.

"You can't be relevant if you don't have the most up to date data. Amperity allows us to combine and aggregate data from different sources, which gives us a deeper understanding of our members and the ability to provide them with the most suitable and timely offers."

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Building a Dream Customer 360

In this Amplify 2021 keynote session, Brian Knollenberg, SVP of Marketing at BECU, shared how his team built a Customer 360 with Amperity that is powering insights and automating lifecycle touchpoints with their members

Brian Knollenberg, SVP Marketing, BECU

Delivering the Data

Amperity chatted with BECU’s Data Engineer, Daniel Tabor, to get the inside scoop on what it’s like to be hands on with data. In this quick read, Daniel shares details around how BECU uses the Amperity C360 within business performance dashboards, marketing activation, and member outreach and service.

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Leading the Charge 

Brian Knollenberg, SVP of Marketing at BECU, touches on the impact of automation, the importance of relevance, and how to use data to enhance the member experience.  

Amplifiers Spotlight: Brian Knollenberg at BECU