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Trusted AI for greater ROI across your business

AmpAI provides marketers, analysts, and data engineers with an AI-powered toolkit to fuel smarter decision-making.

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AI for businesses looking to grow faster

Build trust in data

Move beyond probabilistic identity resolution. Unify online and offline first-party data with transparent AI/ML that finds hidden customer connections.

Accelerate data modeling

Turn anyone into a data analyst—really, anyone. Take advantage of generative AI to build SQL queries quickly and answer business-critical questions.

Fuel smarter decisions

Answer any question about customers fast. Empower strategic decision-making using natural language to explore and visualize customer data.

Unlock hidden revenue

Grow revenue with intelligent predictions. Segment using AI-powered predictive models to target customers with the best buying experience.

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Build trust in data

Save time preparing data

Ingest, clean, and normalize data with AI that learns how to group data the way you need it.

Improve your data accuracy

Connect the customer journey even when contact information, households, or channels change.

Get data transparency

Learn why and how AI merged your customer data.

Power downstream AI technology

Provide high-quality customer data for real-time personalization and decisions.

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Accelerate data modeling

Create queries faster

Use our AI Assistant to generate SQL for data exploration.

QA data with ease

Get real-time feedback on how to fix SQL queries.

Improve query performance

Learn more efficient techniques to write powerful queries.

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Make smarter decisions

Find valuable audiences

Visualize segment performance and preferences with out-of-the box dashboards. 

Answer executives quickly

Quickly answer one-off questions with natural language while demonstrating how marketing drives online and offline sales daily using turnkey dashboards.

Detect changing preferences

Learn how customers move across your product portfolio to better engage and drive sales.

Democratize access to insights

Equip everyone in your organization to discover more about your customers with natural language data exploration.

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Unlock hidden revenue

Acquire new customers

Build high-value lookalike audiences using your best customers as seed data.

Improve conversion rates

Move your customers through the funnel with event propensity scoring.

Increase CLV

Identify high-value customers with Predictive Customer Lifetime Value scoring.

Retain more revenue

Spot when customers are cooling down with Predictive Churn.

"Before AI Assistant, we turned to developers to write SQL, often with a turnaround time of a few days. With AI Assistant, my team can write queries and provide answers to Bobit’s leadership in a matter of minutes. AI Assistant has pushed us to be more data driven and empowers my team."

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Lakehouse customer data platform

Fuel for the modern customer journey

Customers are complex. Managing their data doesn’t have to be. See how Amperity helps you own your most valuable asset and understand customers better than ever before.

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