Slalom and Amperity

One team driving discovery, implementation, and full platform integration

Image of woman on her couch, with text: Home goods retailer

Accelerating customer identity and activation

consolidated profiles and increased accuracy
new email addresses now available for digital activation
customer profiles enriched with IDs for marketing personalization

"Since the Amperity implementation, all of our manual review processes are so much shorter, our customer profiles are so much more complete, and as a result, we have so much more confidence in the data."

The challenge

A major home goods retailer had complex, disparate systems to manage billions of customer interactions across in-store and online channels. They needed a unified view of the customer that guaranteed quality customer identity so they could improve marketing personalization by enhancing customer identity quality and moving their data cleansing processes upstream to enable digital activation.

The solution

Slalom and Amperity implemented a lift and shift approach from homegrown Customer 360 processes to Amperity, delivering a new Customer Data Platform for the brand in less than six months. Part of the goal was to integrate the new Amperity platform with minimal disruption to downstream processes.

The retailer integrated Amperity as a critical part of their Customer 360 to handle ID resolution, householding, and 360 database creation, including ingesting all historical records (over 1.2B customer records across 8 data sources).

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