Third-party data is not future-proof

Managing third-party data is expensive, slow, and inaccurate—it’s time to get more from your first-party data. Amperity can help.

Data streams flowing into a customer profile, with a shiny first-party data badge out-performing a third-party one.

Boost accuracy & transparency

Best-in-class identity resolution, more complete records, and the ability to check how it all fits together. Instead of a black box, you get full visibility and control when it comes to how your data is unified.

Get better data, faster

Slash data processing latency so you can get to work — like a full deduplication of your customer database that used to take 24+ hours happening in under an hour, with no downtime.

Reduce wasteful spending

Comprehensive data unification means fewer records to pay for when matching against a third-party data set.

Meet compliance & privacy needs

Amperity helps you base your data strategy on owned, first-party data so you can stay on the right side of GDPR/CCPA compliance and other evolving privacy regulations.

Flow diagram of third-party data enrichment without Amperity

Data enrichment process without Amperity

Siloed datasets that are inherently difficult to unify are brought together with cumbersome rules-based identity resolution, resulting in low data integrity, an incomplete customer profile, and ultimately missed opportunities.

Flow diagram of Third-party data enrichment with Amperity

Data enrichment process with Amperity

AI-powered identity resolution removes the need for ETL on both the ingress & egress, which improves match rates, eliminates manual effort, and cuts latency, all with 100% transparency on how data is being unified.

Amperity integrates into your stack today and flexes to fit changes tomorrow

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Fortune 500 retailer upgrades customer data foundation, reducing costs, improving speed & agility

Photograph of a POS System with a customer swiping their credit card
Lower total customer data management fees
Reduction in time IT spent on data management
Change data models/attributes instantly & integrate new data sources in half the time


The brand is an omni-channel retailer with over 1000 stores in the US and a highly trafficked e-commerce site. Complex workflows and a 10 year old Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) managed by Acxiom reached a breaking point regarding agility, speed, and scale. Black box identity resolution, queries that took hours or days to run, and much-needed updates requiring lengthy contract renegotiation and added fees resulted in stymied analysts and marketers feeling locked into legacy systems.


In six months the brand was able to migrate their entire customer data foundation to Amperity – including product, customer, store, marketing, and transaction data – and transition to fast, agile, scalable data management and AI-powered identity resolution.

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