Amperity & Capgemini

Better Together

As a strategic partner with Amperity, Capgemini offers a quick-start solution to accelerate brands and publishers and advertisers in designing, planning, architecting, and implementing customized identity resolution solutions.

Together we make marketing operations more actionable and data-driven by fostering creativity and strategic planning to drive analysis, optimize marketing ROI, and harness customer journey and path to purchase analytics.

Amperity & Capgemini

Driving a purpose-built and customizable identity resolution solution together

Drive down customer acquisition costs

Unlock insights to reduce customer acquisition costs (CAC) and increase lifetime value (LTV)

Seamless and flexible data integration

Enablement of multiple integrations and distribution channels for sharing data with flexibility and interoperability

Maximize use of first-party data plus third-party data

Provides tools for better managing first-party data and integrations with third-party platforms

Access insights with multi-tenant clean room solutions

Accelerates multi-tenant clean room collaborations, helping our client's access insights and build upon a common framework on top of AmpID

"Foundational identity is imperative to marketing and analysis in a post-third-party cookie era. Amperity is best-in-class at resolving real identity with the customer data brands own — turning data into activation and insights with the fastest time to value of any solution in the marketplace. That's Amperity in action!"

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