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Databricks’ enterprise-grade data solutions drive substantial improvements across your business, especially when the input is high-quality data. When Amperity seeds Databricks models with rich, accurate customer profiles, it takes those customer use cases to the next level  and lets Data Scientists, Analytics teams, and Performance Marketers do their best work.

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Personalization built on a solid foundation

Getting to value quickly

Data models built on thinly-sourced customer data or poorly-resolved identities will never get the best results. Investments in Databricks get to value 6-12 months faster when backed by Amperity’s ROI leading approach to resolving data into unified customer views.

Data science built on the most reliable inputs

Across the customer journey, Databricks models help you predict your customers' next best action, optimize offers, and build acquisition programs to find more of your best customers. Amperity ensures these models are built on a strong foundation of the most robust and accurate customer data possible.

So good, we're built on Databricks too

Amperity’s models for customer lifetime value (CLTV), churn prediction, and next best action are all built on Databricks. The flexibility in Amperity's partner integrations means models you've already built in Databricks Lakehouse will work seamlessly.

Connecting your Delta Lake with Amperity is as simple as adding in credentials

"A lot of organizations find that when building the 360 view, connecting customers across data sources is where it becomes very difficult. Amperity has built a solution that is capable of managing this space."

Building the Composable CDP: Resolving Customer Identities

Bryan Smith, Technical Director for Retail & CPG at Databricks and Derek Slager, CTO and Co-Founder at Amperity discuss the importance of accurate customer identities when seeding data models.

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