Amperity’s Lakehouse CDP unifies and enriches customer data in Databricks without building pipelines or copying data. Sync data anywhere using Amperity as a reverse ETL for activation, analytics, and AI use cases.

Image showing Amperity forming a direct connection to Databricks using Amperity Bridge

Build a trusted data foundation in Databricks

Eliminate data silos

Set up a bi-directional data share in minutes with Amperity Bridge. Easily access shared data anywhere with Databricks’ Unity Catalog.

Enrich lakehouse data

Don’t waste time building profiles with cascading business logic. Automate identity resolution and unify profile data with an AI-powered toolkit.

Send data anywhere

Activate data stored in Databricks by using AmpIQ as a reverse ETL to send enriched customer data to 200+ destinations.

Amperity Bridge

Amperity Bridge enables zero-copy data sharing to and from a data lakehouse. It uses each lakehouse’s open, industry-standard data formats so data is available across the tech stack through a shared catalog.

Fast set up

Connect Amperity to Databricks in minutes using sharing keys instead of integrations. Accelerate time-to-value by gaining access to view and shape data quickly.

Zero copy

Control access to shared tables without replicating data across platforms. Save time building pipelines and save money by only storing data in a single place.

Scalable processing

Enrich massive volumes of data quickly since data is not moved or transformed from where it resides. Model customer data directly in Databricks or Amperity.

Live data

View customer data at rest in each environment through a shared catalog. Start exploring and querying data without waiting for refreshes or updates.

"A lot of organizations find that when building the 360 view, connecting customers across data sources is where it becomes very difficult. Amperity has built a solution that is capable of managing this space."


How to Save Time Resolving Customer Identities in a Data Warehouse

Learn how leading companies have tackled the identity resolution challenge in Databricks and the benefits.

Webinar featuring Scott Sugimoto (Amperity), Bryan Smith (Databricks), and Logan Patterson (Slalom)

Amperity is Databricks' Communications, Media, and Entertainment Partner of the Year

Amperity was awarded Databricks’ Communications, Media, and Entertainment Partner of the Year for our work delivering exceptional solutions tailored to our key clientele with marketing and consumer engagement use cases.

Databricks Partner of the Year: Communications, Media & Entertainment
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