Unlock Your Customer Data For Next-Level Personalized Content With Amperity & Persado

Image of blog bubbles displaying: Amperity and PERSADO.

Customers increasingly demand high levels of relevant, meaningful personalization. And every marketer on the planet seeks the holy grail of scalable personalized content to meet customer expectations. A fully customer-centric model requires two things: first-party data customer insights and AI-driven personalization technology.

The Amperity + Persado joint solution is built with CMOs and Marketing teams in mind so you can create the best message to speak to your customers and deliver measurable ROI across all marketing channels. Amperity’s multi-patented complete customer data foundation delivers audience segments you can trust. The Persado AI content generation and decisioning platform then uses the segments to generate personalized words, concepts, and ideas which deliver business results such as more purchases, an increase in loyalty registrations, more auto pay sign ups, and self service enrollments.

Using data from Amperity in Persado means a marketer can now:

  • Dynamically segment high value or high potential customers

  • Generate personalized messaging to precise segments across all channels (email, web, IVR, SMS, push, paid media)

  • Automatically track conversion and revenue user-level data

Unlock Your Customer Data for Next-Level Personalized Content with Amperity & Persado