Amperity Partner Resources

Documentation & training for successful partnerships

Our ever-growing collection of Partnership Enablement materials helps ensure partners are prepared for co-selling, implementation, and day-to-day program management. Our goal is to help you grow your business by working together.

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On-demand and live training

Explore Amperity's comprehensive range of training modules, curated and hosted by our subject matter experts. Each session focuses on key business use cases so you take away relevant, high-impact insights.

Access our in-depth training resources today and begin a journey that will transform the way you generate value for your customers and your business.

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Accreditation made easy

Amperity has two on-demand accreditation programs: Foundations and Implementation Planning. These courses are the best place for our partners to start their learning experience with Amperity. They provide the baseline to convey Amperity’s value, demo the product, and plan an implementation at a high level.

Product documentation to accelerate your learning

The Amperity Docs site offers robust documentation on how our product works. Based on your business needs, we can also provide partners with access to blank tenants or Amperity Demo environments for experimentation. 

These are ideal resources for a partner looking to get some hands-on experience prior to and implementation or demo.

Explore docs

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Live product bootcamp

This multi-day live training series enables individuals (Users and Implementers) to do the hands-on-keyboard configuration across Amperity products. These training sessions allow participants to practice configuring each element of Amperity product and experiment in an Amperity environment.   

Amperity takes a just-in-time approach for this live bootcamp, with guaranteed access to training as your project is approaching.

“Our partnership with Amperity will deliver unique and unmatched solutions for leading global brands. In addition, Amperity will improve efficacy for our mutual clients across the board, providing a 360-degree view of the customer, and applying state-of-the-art identity resolution to the Braze customer engagement platform.”