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Amp ID

AI-powered customer identity resolution & management

Fully flexible, radically transparent

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Correctly identify every customer, every time

Every system has its own way of identifying customers, and the longer a person interacts with your brand, the more fragmented their identity becomes. This leads to inaccurate insights, mis-attributed segments, and personalization that just isn't personal.

AmpID changes all that, consistently resolving identities spanning every system and interaction – so the customer experiences you build drive the results you want.

AmpID key features

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Daily, AI-powered identity resolution

Multi-patented AI resolves identities accurately and holistically on a daily basis, unifying records that other approaches routinely over-and under-connect.

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At-scale ingestion & stitching

Ingestion and processing of massive amounts of identity data from online and offline transactions, clickstream, loyalty, email, and more, including full historical data upon setup.

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Stable, universal identifiers

Universal identifiers, spanning loyalty programs, email, transactions and all other systems are applied to every individual, remaining stable even as customers engage and share new PII.

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Propriety identity & household graphs

Comprehensive individual ID and household graphs fueling your entire ecosystem, with direct integrations for data standardization, hygiene, and anonymous-to-known linking processes (See Anonymous Engage below).

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Transparent identity exploration

Fully transparent user interface lets you drill into every connection, giving you visibility into how identities are resolved and building trust and confidence in your identity data.

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Flexible thresholds & fine tune controls

Flexible matching thresholds based on your use cases and desired outcomes, with customization like forced and forbidden matches, for total control over your identity strategy.

A feature of Amp ID

Anonymous Engage

Amperity Anonymous Engage helps you identify and engage anonymous customers in a privacy-compliant manner — more than doubling the number of people your marketing can reach.

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Download the AmpID quick guide

Learn more about why identity resolution has been such a knotty problem for so long and how AmpID does it differently, including a customer case study.

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The full suite

Amperity's main products can stand alone or work together for the entire range of customer data needs, and all three of them operate off the foundation of DataGrid.

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