Solution Brief

Better together: Amperity & Braze

Amperity & Braze

Modern brand communications require accurate targeting and effective personalization to forge customer connections and drive growth as more and more customers expect personalization in exchange for their data. To see results and drive ROI, brands must engage with customers across multiple channels, including email, SMS, and in-app messaging, with a comprehensive understanding of each consumer necessary to increase open and conversion rates.

The new partnership between Amperity and Braze will provide companies with an unmatched set of tools to monitor, understand, and react to customer behaviors in real-time. Amperity’s AI-powered AmpID tool for identity resolution delivers a constantly updated, highly accurate, and privacy-compliant profile of each customer, supporting personalized email, SMS, and in-app communications through Braze's messaging platform. The partnership allows for automation of key moments of the customer lifecycle, including post-purchase cultivation and triggered responses to important actions, delivering business results such as more purchases, an increase in loyalty registrations, more auto pay sign-ups, and self-service enrollments.

Our partnership with Braze is part of a broad partner initiative of establishing a Personalization at Scale Partner Circle. The objective of this initiative is to bring together best-in-class technologies that together provide a closed-loop solution for powering personalization at scale from data collection, identity, insights, activation, messaging, and channel delivery. Together with our partners, we can accelerate time to value and extend the reach and impact of personalization initiatives.

Using data from Amperity in Braze means a marketer can now:

  • Hydrate SMS, email, and in-app messaging through Braze with the most accurate view of every customer

  • Use a comprehensive Customer 360 to inform segmentation

  • Optimize real-time cross-channel customer journey orchestration

  • Continuously measure, experiment, and iterate across many channels

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