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Amperity's Total Economic Impact™ is 505% ROI

Front cover of the Forrester Total Economic Impact study for Amperity, showing a 505% ROI.

Marketing efforts fall short when audience targeting is off, leading to wasted ad spend and lower ROI. Starting from accurate, unified first-party data with Amperity turns that around.

In this Forrester Total Economic Impact™(TEI) study, you'll learn how Amperity's Customer Data Platform (CDP) powered significant results for a composite organization across marketing, paid media, and customer experience including:

  • 25% efficiency lift: Teams spend less time waiting on audience data and activation, launching campaigns more quickly

  • $13.02 million in financial benefit: Substantial three-year growth in revenue and savings

  • 505% return on investment (ROI)

Explore how Amperity powers precise targeting, unlocks smarter insights, and grows customer lifetime value to deliver consistent exceptional results.

A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Amperity.

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