Building the Customer 360 Stack

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“We know a lot about our customers, so when will we stop treating them all like strangers?”

Your data is spread out and not connected. A lot of leaders of consumer-facing companies are as frustrated as you are. That’s why they’re building Customer 360 systems with profiles about every customer and prospect using data from every part of their companies—marketing, sales, product, customer service, even physical stores.

“Should we build everything from scratch or is there a way to get going faster?”

You could extend your existing Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), building the additional capabilities with general-purpose database tools. Or you can use specialized software tools designed to handle the unique challenges involved in gathering, integrating, and using customer data. Both are ways to build a stack of tools you can use to create the applications your business needs to make use of customer data. It's a question of what works best for you and what kind of resources and time you have at your disposal.

“How do we decide what’s right for our company?”

Download “Building the Customer 360 Stack: How to Select the Ideal Technology to Understand and Delight Customers.” It will guide you through all the steps required to design the stack you need most efficiently:

  • Understanding the differences between specialized customer profile tools and general database tools.

  • Choosing between an all-in-one, best-of-breed, or do-it-yourself solution.

  • Identifying the features and capabilities your company needs.

  • Avoiding the hidden pitfalls that can drag down home-grown Customer 360 systems.

Download the guide today so you can stop treating your customers like virtual strangers.

Download the guide