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How Travel Brands Are Using Customer Data to Drive Growth

Reimagining the Traveler Journey: How Brands Are Using Customer Data to Drive Growth

The digital world has permanently changed the relationship between travel brands and their customers. As digital interactions during the traveler journey continue to increase, brands now have the opportunity to use the vast troves of customer data available to deliver unique, personalized experiences.

By leveraging customer data gathered through the combination of digital and in-person interactions, travel brands are able to create better advertising, provide more targeted offers, and respond to customer experiences in real time. 

This report is designed to give professionals in the travel industry the knowledge to build and improve upon customer data platforms to gain a full, 360-degree picture of travelers who pass through their ecosystems. The ability to identify unique touchpoints for each traveler is the key to personalizing customer journeys that unlock long-term loyalty and customer lifetime value.

In this report:

  • Survey responses from nearly 300 U.S. and Canadian travel executives in IT, marketing, and analytics

  • In-depth analysis including expert interviews and detailed case studies

  • Research on how the game has changed for traveler personalization and customer service

  • Actionable advice on how travel and hospitality companies can build a clean, coordinated, accessible customer data platform in the cloud that empowers them to serve changing consumer needs

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