How to Get the Insights You Needed Yesterday and Avoid Pitfalls Along the Way: Ideas for Financial Brands

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Which financial institutions do you benchmark your customer or member experience against? If you start by listing the regional bank over in the next town, the megabank with the national footprint and thousands of branches or the credit union down the street, stop right there.

Instead, compare your bank or credit union experience to big technology firms such as Google and Netflix. Your customers and members are already evaluating their experience against the personalized and convenient experiences these tech firms deliver.

Can your financial institution boast about a frictionless experience?

“Competition will be fierce. Fintechs and nonfinancial services startups are looking at every part of the value chain and creating new products and services for customers that traditional financial institutions will compete against.”

- Bill Borden, Corporate Vice President, Worldwide Financial Services, Microsoft Corporation

So how can you evolve from a transactional relationship into a personalized relationship?

In How to Get the Insights You Needed Yesterday and Avoid Pitfalls Along The Way, you'll learn:

  • 6 strategies to get you started on your data modernization journey (and the common pitfalls to avoid)

  • How data modernization can allow your institution to spur innovation, deliver products and services faster and for less cost, and drive ROI for your financial institution

  • Insights from BECU, First Hawaiian Bank, and others on how to successfully drive digital transformation efforts and deliver customer-centric experiences

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