Identity Resolution: Connecting the Dots and Understanding Your Customer

The importance of identity

Scenario 1: Endless email offers for items you already have or don't need, and long waits to return products.

Scenario 2: Personalized offers and immediate customer service, with reps who know you by name and your preferences.

Every business should aim for Scenario 2, but it's hard without organized customer data. Identity resolution turns customer data into useful information, allowing businesses to treat customers as individuals.

Read this guide to understand why the best marketing is based on a solid foundation of identity, the obstacles on the road to a single view of the customer, and the benefits it brings. 

We explore:

  • Why identity is the foundation for effective personalization

  • Why it has an impact on everything from ROI to customer relations

  • The common challenges plaguing identity resolution 

  • Insights from Alaska Airlines, Lucky Brand, Deckers Brand, and more on the results of effective identity resolution

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Key capabilities

Identity is the foundation for personalization, which relies on thorough insights into each customer.

Pitfalls to avoid

Relying solely on surface-level data without considering the context or behavior of the customer.

What to look for

The right software builds your customer identity foundation. It's where your customer data success begins.

Identity resolution in action

Three case studies from Amperity users showcasing the impact of identity resolution for managing and growing your business.