Leveling Up Your Loyalty Program with a Customer Data Platform

Highlights form the Guide to Leveling up Your Loyalty Program

Strategies for a successful loyalty marketing program

Everyone knows how important customer loyalty is, but it’s not always clear how to take your loyalty program to the next level. Running a top-of-the-line program starts with building great incentives and rewards, but that’s not enough — there needs to be a continued focus on expanding membership while also nurturing existing members and enticing back lapsed members. This is where a Customer Data Platform (CDP) can make all the difference. 

To provide members with the kind of value and personalized experiences that can turn them into loyalty champions, brands need to use what they know about their customers. A CDP is purpose-built to make sense of messy customer data and generate insights that let you communicate with customers like the individuals they are. 

Even more fundamentally, a CDP can give you a clear view of how many customers you have and which ones aren’t in the loyalty program, so that you can develop a strategy to enroll more members.

In this guide, we’ll break down how a CDP can accelerate your loyalty program, and the fundamental capabilities needed to do so. We explore:

  • Opportunities and challenges of using customer data for loyalty programs

  • The three key dimensions of successful loyalty programs

  • What leading programs do differently

  • The best strategies to keep your program thriving

Download the guide to learn how a CDP can put your loyalty program into hyperdrive. 

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