Life with Customer Data Confidence

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Getting rid of customer data headaches so your teams can succeed

Launching a campaign can be an exhausting process. It usually goes like this: marketers and analysts wait as data engineers build links between multiple systems that only have a partial view of their customers. Then, using that incomplete data, they try to develop creative, impactful campaigns with slow, inefficient tools. And if there's a new segment they'd like to explore, they need to ask an analyst or engineer for help and then wait around some more.

Does any of this sound painfully familiar? The good news is, it doesn't have to be this way. 

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) will significantly speed up your time to value and unlock the full power of your marketing efforts by overcoming these four common obstacles to marketing productivity :

  1. Looking for data: With so much data stuck in various systems and formats, finding the information you need is overwhelming. 

  2. Bad data: Inaccurate or incomplete data leads to ineffective campaigns and wasted resources. 

  3. Moving data: Transferring data from one system to another takes time, especially when data needs to be reformatted or uploaded to spreadsheets for analysis.

  4. Looking for insights: With so much data to analyze, it can be challenging to uncover meaningful insights that can drive your marketing strategy, e.g. product preference, churn prediction, and customer lifetime value. 

Download our guide to learn how a CDP empowers professionals to do their best work. 

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