Making First-Party Data Actually Useful

AdWeek Guide - Making First-Party Data Actually Useful

Transforming first-party data into useful insights is hard.

But with more pressure than ever to hit revenue goals, marketers need to find smarter ways to acquire new customers. Meanwhile, the privacy revolution adds an extra layer of complexity — consent rules, regulations, and the decline of third-party signals make it harder for marketers to connect with and convert the audiences they want. 

First-party data can help overcome these challenges. But first you need to know how to work with it and what to do with it.

Check out our new guide in collaboration with Adweek, Making First-Party Data Actually Useful. We tackle the tricky parts of using first-party data and give straightforward answers to the questions we often hear from marketers like you. 

Whether you’re wondering about the real benefits of using first-party data or how to deal with navigating data gaps, this guide has practical tips and do’s and don'ts for using first-party data. 

Insights include:

  • Untapped audiences: The value of first-party data isn’t limited to retention; activated the right way, it’s critical for identifying new customer opportunities.

  • Beyond demographics: Insights and predictive models can paint a richer portrait of history and preferences, so you can reach consumers more effectively.

  • Privacy-compliant personalization: When you can anticipate your audience’s needs, you can create experiences that feel tailored without using PII.

Don’t just collect first-party data—maximize its potential. 

Download the guide to learn more.

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