On-demand Webinar

How to Use Customer Data to Deliver Better Customer Experiences

Consumers give their banks, credit card providers, and lenders their most sensitive data. In return, they expect experiences that reflect a trusted use of their information and an understanding of them as a valued customer. But most financial services organizations struggle to consolidate disparate data and drive a single view of customers that can power and drive personalized marketing experiences.

In this conversation with Jim Marous and experts from Amperity and Persado on why a customer data platform is at the heart of the most cutting edge, customer-centric digital programs at leading financial institutions. They’ll share best practices on how investing in a digital transformation initiative can drive better experiences and unlock personalization for customers.

What You’ll Learn

  • How using first-party data to drive acquisition and convert prospects

  • How the right data can help drive personalization and increase digital engagement

  • How a comprehensive view can help you to understand exposure and better ways to mitigate risks