Personalization at Scale

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With the widespread shift of customers to digital channels, the expectation is higher than ever for brands to deliver personalized experiences. Customers want to feel like brands know who they are and what matters to them.

Beyond customer expectations, there’s business incentive: when 50% of revenue for most brands comes from the top 10% of customers, and 90% of revenue from the top 20%, it’s critical to find ways to retain your best customers and find more like them. That’s where personalization is a powerful advantage: it helps you craft experiences that speak to customers as individuals, building lasting relationships with your brand.

With all the buzz surrounding personalization, it can seem like the goal in and of itself. But in fact it’s a means to an end.

At the most basic level, personalization means using what you know about a customer to make interactions more relevant to them. Personalization at scale takes it a step further, where your interactions with customers are relevant to them every time.

This isn’t simple to pull off. Even just getting started on personalization means having a full command-center view of everything there is to know about your customers.

In the guide you’ll learn:

  • Three fundamentals of personalization at scale

  • Where to start

  • How Alaska Airlines uses personalization to drive revenue

  • Common pitfalls of personalization initiatives

  • The technical capabilities needed to power personalization

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