Personalization at Scale

One-to-one for everyone

As customers increasingly use digital channels, brands must deliver personalized experiences that make them feel understood and valued.

But beyond customer expectations, there’s business incentive: 50% of revenue comes from the top 10% of customers, and 90% from the top 20%. Retaining these top customers and finding more like them is crucial. That’s where personalization is a powerful advantage, allowing you to create tailored experiences that build lasting relationships.

At its core, personalization means making interactions more relevant to customers. Personalization at scale goes further, ensuring relevance every time. Yet, even starting means having a full view of everything there is to know about your customers.

In the guide, explore:

  • Three fundamentals of personalization at scale

  • Where to start

  • How Alaska Airlines uses personalization to drive revenue

  • Common pitfalls of personalization initiatives

  • The technical capabilities needed to power personalization

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Key capabilities

Leverage customer data effectively to understand each customer individually and deliver tailored experiences

Find the perfect personalization mix

Maximize the benefits of personalization while minimizing the risks of alienating customers or compromising their trust

Scale up your personalization

Make every interaction relevant and meaningful, building stronger relationships and driving better business outcomes

From basics to revenue

Enhance the customer experience at every touchpoint and gain a competitive edge that drives revenue growth