The Customer Metrics Driving Growth

Editor's Note: Enjoy this webinar from the Custora archive. Custora was acquired by Amperity in November 2019. In this webinar, Custora CEO Corey Pierson shares the findings of one of Custora’s deepest research projects, which culminated in the Retail Customer Metrics Growth Index. To understand which customer KPIs have the greatest impact, we examined five drivers of growth from over 100 of our retail customers (over 500 million end customers and 150 billion dollars in annual transaction volume) and uncovered the metrics that matter.

In this webinar, you learn about:

  1. How savvy marketers are leveraging technology to turn the supposed “Retail Apocalypse” into their own person Retail Golden Age.

  2. The methodology and results of our research, including a ranking of which KPIs move the needle, from most to least.

  3. The one driver of growth that moves the needle on annual revenue more than any other.