The Time to Start Holiday Planning is Now

Cover of the guide "The Time to Start Holiday Planning is Now"

The holiday season is over, but there’s no time to sit back and relax. 

Luckily, the season that’s just ended has left you with a trove of fresh customer data filled with valuable information that you can use to kickstart planning for the upcoming holidays. 

Our guide digs into the five steps you need to take with your data throughout the year to have an even more successful next holiday season:

  1. Post-holiday analysis: Use customer data to understand as much as you can about your audiences and ask questions focused on customer metrics to find the high value audiences you should nurture through the year and who you can use as a basis for acquiring other high value customers.

  2. Audience testing: Now that you’ve identified the audiences you want to engage with, run an early-year test campaign. 

  3. Smaller holidays and events throughout the year: Use minor holidays to engage with your customers and run more tests — make sure your tools are tracking every engagement so you can tweak your approach for the future. 

  4. July planning: Use all you’ve learned about your customers to refine your holiday targets and get started preparing the resources, campaigns, and creative you’ll need. 

  5. October showtime: Use the data foundation you’ve built to re-engage customers, give VIP customers the red carpet treatment, and personalize to give your holiday customers a great experience with your brand.

The clock is ticking, so use your customer data as a blueprint to get your planning and strategies in-shape! 

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