When the Third-Party Cookie Party is Over

Illustration of the cover of Amperity's third party cookie guide

Ad targeting and measurement are about to be disrupted.

But that doesn't mean you'll be left high and dry. The third-party cookie has been a key component of the digital marketing ecosystem for years, and its demise has the potential to reshape much of how marketing and advertising works. At the same time, technologies and methods to make better use of first-party data have come a long way, offering alternatives to third-party cookie-based marketing that can actually give brands more control of their customer retention and acquisition.

Once brands can no longer rely on the third-party cookie, they'll need to double-down on first-party data to fill the gaps. So what does it look like in practice?

In this guide, you’ll learn about the areas to focus on and the ways to use first-party data to adjust when the third-party cookie goes away:

  • The four major trends to guide your strategy

  • A deeper look at how to make the most of first-party data to strengthen your position

  • Recommendations for what to get started on today to prepare

Download the guide, and start getting ready for the world after the third-party cookie.

Download the guide