Unlock the Full Potential of Your Customer Data with AI-Powered Identity Resolution

In a business landscape defined by data, Amperity and Databricks are the ultimate power couple.

Discover a new era of data efficiency and effectiveness with a CDP optimized for the lakehouse. From unifying customer data to AI-powered insights and hassle-free connections between tools, Amperity and Databricks together can revolutionize your strategy today. This guide explores four key areas:

  • Better together – Amperity & Databricks: Learn how Amperity’s expertise in unifying customer records plus Databricks’ streamlining of data analysis will help you refine raw data for better insights and easier activation.

  • Understanding identity resolution: Navigate the shift to first-party identity resolution with Amperity's AI solutions and apply this high-quality data asset across your data infrastructure.

  • Modern customer data architecture: Make the most of Amperity's integration for data sharing across lakehouse environments to unlock maximum operational efficiency.

  • Amperity – Who we are and how we help: Discover why leading brands trust Amperity for groundbreaking innovation and seamless integration with Databricks.

From resolving identity discrepancies to empowering personalized customer experiences, the possibilities are limitless with Amperity and Databricks by your side. Experience the future of data-driven decision-making today.

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Key capabilities

Combine innovations in data orchestration, ID resolution, and modern architecture for personalized experiences and data-driven decisions

Pitfalls to avoid

Watch out for third-party data provider ID resolution, which largely over-matches customers resulting in overvaluation of certain customers

The modern identity architecture

Resolve identity to increase accuracy and modernize your strategy

Best practices

Use AI-powered identity resolution to optimize building a unified customer data foundation