On-demand Webinar

CPPA: Facts, Tips, & Tools to Accelerate Compliance

With the launch of CCPA, brands are facing a monumental set of tasks. They need to verify customers’ identities, find all records about that person in every system, and either collect all that data to send to the customer or erase it everywhere that it exists.

If that wasn’t enough, today’s compliance laws are just the tip of the iceberg. Over time we expect more consumers to have greater rights and control over their data, alongside their increasing expectations for brands to use data to know and serve them, not just market to them. Brands that win will build enduring relationships with their customers based on trust, understanding, and service.

You'll learn:

  • Precise measures to ensure your brand remains CCPA compliant

  • Cutting-edge tools and approaches that massively accelerate, simplify, and automate compliance

  • Predictions for what’s to come in consumer privacy and compliance

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