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CDP A to Z: Defining a Unified Customer View

CDP 101: Defining a Unified Customer View

For the first session of our CDP A to Z webinar series, we're breaking down the basics of a unified customer view (also called a customer 360 view or single customer view). Every vendor claims to have one, so how do you evaluate and compare them? Well, you're in the right place.

Think of it this way: the customer data that your brand receives comes scattered across various databases and applications. By creating a unified customer view, you can answer every brand question you should know about your customer.

In this webinar, our experts Marcus Owens, Pre-Sales Solutions Consultant, and Jill Meuzelaar, Director of Product Marketing, define a unified customer view, why it's essential, and what problems it can solve.

What you'll learn:

  • Why despite many years and investments, customer data is still a problem

  • What is a unified customer view, and how to assess if you have one

  • What features to look for when considering solutions to the unified customer view

  • So is that a CDP?

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