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Countdown to Black Friday: Strategies to Win Holiday 2023

A webinar featuring Slalom

It's that time of year again! The temperature outside might still be sweltering but the countdown to the holidays has already begun. 

Time to start gearing up for the most profitable season of the year for retailers — but also the season that can represent the biggest missed opportunity, if your customer data strategy isn’t in good shape. 

Watch for valuable insights from the industry experts at Slalom, who will share strategies you can use to make the most out of Holiday 2023 (and get a mega head start on Holiday 2024!).

Key topics we'll cover:

  • Navigating the first “cookie-less” holiday

  • Consumer mindset going into Holiday 2023

  • Using customer data to help shape journeys around returns and customer service

  • How brands get ahead of insights coming out of 2023 to lay the groundwork for a successful Holiday 2024

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