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Forrester Webinar: The Economics of Better Customer Data

Forrester Webinar: The Economics of Better Customer Data

Consumer marketers continuously struggle to gain better access to customer data so they can increase their business revenue.

In this free webinar, Forrester Analyst Veronica Isles explains the research behind the Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) report, and how Amperity’s fast, flexible, and intelligent Customer Data Management platform, delivered an ROI to the tune of 993%.

This webinar is perfect viewing for:

  1. Marketers who need a comprehensive 360 view of the customer to drive targeted campaigns and 1:1 personalization at scale

  2. Business leaders who want to deliver massive lift and ROI across marketing and customer experience initiatives

  3. IT/Tech team leaders bogged down by endless ETL and integration projects, who want a faster, easier, and more sustainable customer data management solution

From increases in ROAS and revenue-per-email to improvements in customer loyalty and efficiencies in data management, there’s something for everyone in this webinar.