On-demand Webinar

How to Power Up Your Marketing Cloud

You already have Marketing Cloud tools to meet your campaign orchestration needs and are building your solution in-house, but bringing in new data sources and feeling confident about your identity resolution is still a challenge.

As it turns out, even the most capable cloud solutions aren't optimized to deal with ALL the data required for true identity resolution. 

Learn how Amperity Profile Accelerator can give you powerful, accessible customer profiles to hydrate your Adobe investments – that directly translates into marketing ROI.

You’ll see a demo and learn more about:

  • How easy Amperity Profile Accelerator makes ingesting data across sources and conforming them to the Adobe schema without writing an ETL

  • How to create accurate customer profiles pre-configured for your marketing cloud with our patented approach to identity resolution

  • The ease of self-servicing data feeds when your needs change in the future