On-demand Webinar

How to Supercharge Your Loyalty Program

Webinar feature AWS

Technology is changing the way travel, hospitality and quick-serve brands acquire, retain, and engage customers. For leading brands, combining a digital-first experience with an effective loyalty program is critical to its customer-centric digital transformation. 

Investing in a strong data foundation powered by analytics and insights allows brands to build valuable digital relationships and better deliver personalized experiences at scale. 

Hear from Amperity, AWS, and a leading global quick service restaurant brand in this fireside chat on how the next wave of innovation and technology will fuel a customer-centric transformation for travel, hospitality, and quick-service brands.

What You'll Learn

  • The role first-party data plays in creating winning customer experiences to drive loyalty

  • How the brands can make the most out of their customer interaction data

  • The evolution of loyalty programs as your core relationship builder

  • Implementing the right technology stack to win, retain, and grow your customer base

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