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Maximizing ROAS Today: Unleash the Power of Owned Audiences in Paid Media

Digital advertising is getting harder —  match rates are down and acquisition is tougher because of the deterioration of third-party ad tech.

So what can a marketer do about it?

In this webinar, we continue our ongoing conversation with paid media experts, focusing on practical strategies for getting new customers and driving revenue at a time when budgets are tight and the old methods aren’t working.

Watch to learn from specialists Amanda Scarnechia and Matt Hallett, and guest speaker, Forrester Senior Analyst Nikhil Lai as they reveal how marketers can overcome the obstacles of data deprecation and get real value from first-party data.

You’ll learn about:

  • How third-party data deprecation leads to diminishing returns in advertising 

  • Acquiring new customers without relying on third-party cookies

  • The advantages of unifying offline and online channels

  • Conversion APIs leading to more accurate and privacy-compliant data for paid advertising

Watch on-demand to get practical marketing tips for enhancing ROAS, boosting customer acquisition, and thriving in the first-party-first future.

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