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Realizing the Value & Impact of First-Party Data Partnerships

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Fading third-party signals in advertising are prompting a shift in advertising strategies, with a growing emphasis on first-party data, user privacy, and compliance. 

Meanwhile brand marketers and agencies are actively exploring innovative approaches to target and engage with their audiences in this evolving landscape.

In our “deminar” (that’s a webinar with a product demo!) , Realizing the Value & Impact of First-Party Data Partnerships, we shine a spotlight on the critical role of first-party data and privacy-conscious identifiers. Amperity product specialist Peter Ibarra, joins Natalie Kansteiner, Director of Ecosystems & Data Partnerships at The Trade Desk, to discuss: 

  • The power of bringing together data from all corners of your marketing universe to help you understand your audience on a whole new level

  • The competitive edge to your marketing strategy from taking control of your data

  • Real-world examples of how strong partnerships can drive exceptional results when activating directly using first-party data inputs 

To top it all off, the webinar includes a short interactive demo led by Marcus Owens, Solutions Consultant from Amperty, to show you exactly how your team could use Amperity for your paid media activation.

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