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Stop Spending on Marketing Tech Until You Solve Identity

Spending on marketing technology may be increasing year-over-year, but marketing organizations are struggling to realize the value of the systems they invest in. Usage of existing MarTech capabilities is declining — with marketers reporting they used just 42% of the capabilities available in their MarTech stack in 2022, compared to 58% in 2020.

Solving identity is essential to designing a tech stack that enables marketers to put the customer at the center of their strategies, scale their efforts more easily, and earn greater impact from AI tools and other MarTech capabilities. This webinar will discuss how and why brands should invest in mastering identity to drive business value. Featuring leaders from Under Armour and BCG, the webinar will explore:

  • The implications of marketers’ focus on channels over identity

  • A framework for transforming identity

  • Unlocking the value of AI while mitigating the risk of ineffective AI

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