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The Economics of Your Messy Data

The Economics of Your Messy Data

Customer data will always be messy, but there’s hope for marketers

Marketers have been trying to fight against messy data since the dawn of digital marketing. If any of this is familiar to you, we’re leading a conversation to help:

  • You are struggling to understand the customer journey

  • You overspend on third-party data platforms in order to activate paid media channels

  • Your team is overwhelmed and can’t get work done quickly

Because here’s the thing: Customer data will always be messy, and your high-value customers’ data is the messiest of it all.

Watch to hear from experts at Deloitte Digital and The Lumery on:

  • How to orient your marketing strategy around your high-value customers (challenging, but very possible)

  • How teams thrive when resources and tools help them work with the mess

  • Future-proof your strategy for the always-changing world of cookies, consumer privacy, and data governance

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