On-demand Webinar

Third-Party Ad Tech is Dead: How to Build for the First-Party Future

Third-party Ad Tech is dead — are you ready for the first-party future?

Using reliable customer data to fuel effective personalized experiences is the key to build customer loyalty and drive revenue. But with third-party data rapidly degrading, it's time to shift focus to first-party data

In this webinar, industry experts share their top strategies for using first-party data to supercharge personalized experiences and deliver exceptional results. Join Amperity product solutions experts Peter Ibarra and Matt Hallett, and guest speaker, Forrester Senior Analyst Nikhil Lai as they reveal how to get the most value from first-party data and minimize the impact of data deprecation.

Discussion Topics:

  • How brands are seeing value today when using first-party data for both customer retention and acquisition/advertising

  • What data deprecation means for businesses today and how to solve for it with first-party data

  • How to target known and unknown customers