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Unleash the Potential of AI and Elevate Customer-Centric Marketing

How can brands balance time and budget constraints while giving customers the hyper-personalized experiences that more and more people demand?

The emergence of Generative AI seems to offer an answer: relevant and personalized experiences at an unprecedented pace and scale.

That sure sounds great, but will it actually work? (Have you seen it work yet?) As exciting as Gen AI is, it won’t work to evolve your business on its own.  

There are two key steps to unleashing the full potential of AI for marketing:

  1. Cultivating data quality to feed the AI with the best information

  2. Establishing key use cases as the basis for a strategy

In this webinar, experts from Amperity, Slalom, and AWS delve into the potential transformative impact of AI on customer-centric marketing, and what it takes to make it work. 

Topics include:

  • The backbone of AI success: Discover why a solid data foundation drives customer growth, better customer insights, and optimal AI outcomes.

  • Marketing use cases: Explore the most exciting applications of Gen AI that can shape the future and deliver tangible value.

  • Crafting an effective AI strategy: Learn the critical elements for building a successful approach with AI, how brands can equip their teams to effectively harness the power of AI, and build a roadmap for seamless integration.

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