On-demand Webinar

Unlock Client Data to Drive Marketing ROI

Expectations around digital experiences with financial services are continuing to evolve. And as more and more consumers give their banks, credit card providers, and lenders their most sensitive data, they expect experiences that reflect a trusted use of their information and a deeper understanding of who they are as valued customers. But most financial services organizations struggle to consolidate data to drive a single view of customers that can provide meaningful insights into client engagement and ongoing marketing campaigns.

In this conversation with experts from Amperity and Microsoft, we discuss why a customer data platform is at the heart of the most cutting-edge, customer-centric digital programs at leading financial institutions. Hear insights about why an accurate and comprehensive data foundation is critical to increasing Marketing ROI and unlocking customer benefit and how bringing together data, technology, analytics, strategy, and delivery services can create greater reach, revenue, and return.

What You’ll Learn

  • How using first-party data to drive acquisition and convert prospects

  • How the right data can help increase marketing ROI and drive deeper engagement

  • How to unlock new opportunities to empower intelligent banking to drive personalized experiences

  • How a comprehensive view can help you to understand exposure and better ways to mitigate risk