On-demand Webinar

Unlocking Personalization Using Customer Data

Personalization at scale is the north star for driving customer loyalty and winning market share. But it’s easier said than done. Where do you start? How do you get all your data in one place and make sense of it? Who is going to write your content at scale?

This isn’t simple to pull off. Even just getting started on personalization means having a full command-center view of everything there is to know about your customers.

That’s why Amperity, the only CDP that takes a comprehensive approach to helping you use data to serve your customers, has partnered with Persado, the AI content generation and decisioning platform, to provide a practical blueprint to empower marketers to generate, test, and serve personalized marketing messages and campaigns in minutes to target high-value segments.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Align to the key fundamentals of personalization at scale

  • Use customer data to dynamically segment customers

  • Activate segments and create personalized messaging across all channels

  • Track performance and accelerate personalized content ROI