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The Great Human Reconnection

It’s no secret. Vaccinations are spreading, markets and major cities are declaring themselves open, and people are eager to reconnect with the life they once knew.

There’s a bubble that’s bursting at the seams that will spill out excitement, engagement, and a longing for new adventure. This means brands are at a moment of opportunity that will define their business for years to come, and the ones that adapt will lay out the pathway for everyone else.

On July 14, 2021, we were joined by our friends Kevin Johnson, CEO at Starbucks, and Joanne Crevoiserat, CEO at Tapestry, for a live discussion on the challenges brands face as they work to get ahead of new consumer behaviors and expectations in the Great Human Reconnection.

Watch this conversation between CEOs to hear a few of their strategies and insights for post-pandemic success including:

  • Changing consumer behaviors and expectations, and what this means for reopening

  • New opportunities for business and rethinking areas for growth

  • Shifting regulations and importance of first-party data strategies for a new era of commerce

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