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Solutions for Compliance

Meet and exceed privacy regulation standards. Build customer trust.

Compliance teams use Amperity to keep their most valuable asset safe and secure at every stage of use.


Compliance with CCPA & GDPR

Amperity can resolve identities across multiple representations of the same customer – combining multiple emails, duplicative loyalty accounts, and more – ensuring compliance with regulations.

Faster audits & suppression

Rapidly discover customer information from every system, making it easy to pull together and deliver relevant data for audit requests. Suppress individuals in all downstream systems with a few clicks for “right-to-be-forgotten” requests.

Forward-thinking security

Keep customer data safe with Amperity’s security best practices, including PII-redaction, user-based access and permissions, and encryption upon ingest, at rest, and upon egress.

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and The Future of Consumer Privacy

In this guide, we summarize the critical components of CCPA legislation, including who it covers, what’s required, and important dates, risks, and fees. Read the guide to learn how to accelerate your brand’s journey to becoming CCPA-ready, and build consumer trust into the future.

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The Amperity platform

Amperity's three main products can stand alone or work together for the entire range of customer data needs, and all three of them operate off the foundation of DataGrid.

Learn more about all our offerings:

AMPID: AI-powered customer identity management

AMP360: The modern Customer 360

AMPIQ: Customer intelligence & activation hub

DATAGRID: Fully connected customer data infrastructure

Amperity Customer Data Platform: AmpID, Amp360, AmpIQ, and DataGrid

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